Transform Your Window Into A Stylish Bar With This Easy Shelf Hack | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

If you already have a countertop under your window, you can add shelving above it. This will give you easy access to glasses and other necessary items without blocking the view. The heavier items — like bottles, a blender, or an espresso machine (if you’re creating a coffee bar) — can go on the counter with coordinating accessories.

If the window is situated within a knitch that has walls on either side, you can opt for tray-style shelving that can be anchored with hardware. This allows the walls to create a visually appealing frame for the bar area. Should you ever require more storage, you can incorporate some matching floating shelves on both sides for holding ingredients in decorative containers.

Another idea involves installing a floating shelf across the window that has a rack for stemmed glasses underneath it. Stemless wine glasses or tumblers can go on top of the shelf. This same shelf hack works well even if there were no walls located close enough to the window for anchoring the plank. By installing a rod just above the window frame and using sturdy hooks and cable, you can add a hanging shelf or two. Either way, you’ll have a bar area that has adequate storage and a unique, modern look.


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