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In 2021, a Virginia teen was sexually assaulted in the bathroom by a transgender student.

This caused an uproar in the media. It affirmed everyone’s worst fears about the transgender movement: that it is dangerous and introduces a new population of people who pose a sexual threat to children. The societal and legal acceptance of men in women’s bathrooms was a betrayal of privacy and a new kind of creepy.


There are many, many reasons why teenage girls and boys do not belong in the same restroom, among them being biological differences and safety. Along with these biological differences is the power of hormones in young men.

A teenager in Oklahoma saw the repercussions of this fact in the violent outrage of her male, transgender peer.

On October 26, 2022, a transgender student flung away his ladylike façade and beat up a fifteen-year-old sophomore in the girl’s bathroom. Her mother, Theresa Gooden, has responded by suing Edmond Memorial High School in Oklahoma, where the incident took place.

On May 25, 2022, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill that requires public school students to use the restroom that matches their birth certificates. Transgender students of public schools are not permitted to use restrooms that do not align with their biological sex.

Superintendent Angela Grunewald claimed that the school was not aware of the transgender student’s biological sex. This scale of slip-up seems next to impossible. Unless that boy was seriously underdeveloped, he probably displayed physical signs of manhood.

Gooden’s petition reads: “At the time of the attack, Defendant had actual knowledge that (d) the male transgender student regularly used the girls’ bathroom and not the boys’ bathroom; and (e) the male transgender student made previous threats of violence against E.G. at Defendant’s school.” Apparently, the school knew more about the student’s real sex than Grunewald let on.

The lawsuit also states that Gooden’s daughter informed her principal about the sex of her attacker, but the school did not report this back to Gooden. The school continued to allow the student to use the girl’s bathroom after obtaining full knowledge of his sex.

Gooden said that her daughter had to deal with “severe physical and mental injuries, severe physical and mental pain and suffering, and severe emotional distress.” She was pounced on by an angry young man and cornered in what was supposed to be a female space. She refused to respond to his attempt at conversation because she felt violated by his presence.

The gender dysphoria that results from insecurity in teens is a tragedy.


Most of them are not given good outlets — they retreat into their phones and social media, which just fuel emotion and make them more vulnerable against the real world. And they take it out on their schoolmates and friends.

A parent should not have to sue a school district because of its woke motives which placed her child’s safety in peril. Especially when the motives are illegal anyways. Hopefully, this poor mother and her daughter get the justice they deserve in a $75,000 settlement.


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