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Transportation Department at Southside Teaches Students About Bus Safety | #schoolsaftey

The Transportation Department at Southside ISD always views safety for our students as their number one priority. That’s why Transportation Director, Jesse Berlanda and Bus Driver Trainer, Corina Speer took a trip to Menchaca Early Childhood Center (MECC) to give a “Bus Safety” presentation to all PK3, PK4, and Kinder students. Students were able to learn about bus safety, emergency exits, and even did a practice evacuation. Students were able to board school buses to practice expectations on the bus: how to sit in the seats, buckling and unbuckling seat belts, voice levels, and more. The drivers, who are all trained in bus evacuation practices, showed the students how each exit can be opened and explained the importance of staying calm and following directions in the event of an emergency. “Of course, we hope our students never have to put any of those skills into practice, but it was a great experience for students who are usually car riders and have never been on the bus before,” said Brittany Vincent, Instructional Coach at MECC.

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