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Credit reporting firm TransUnion this week denied being breached, after a hacker published online 3Gb of information allegedly stolen from the company’s systems.

TransUnion’s announcement comes two days after a threat actor using the moniker ‘USDoD’ published on a cybercrime forum a database allegedly containing the information of roughly 58,000 individuals.

The leaked personally identifiable information included name, sex, date and place of birth, age, employer, passport data, financial transaction details, credit score, and more.

According to threat intelligence platform Vx-underground, the database appears to have been compiled in March 2022 and to include data on individuals in the Americas and Europe.

In a notification on its website, TransUnion revealed that, immediately after learning of the threat actor’s claims, it launched an investigation into the matter, but found no evidence that it has been breached.

“TransUnion is aware of some limited online activity alleging that data obtained from multiple entities, including TransUnion, will be released. At this time, we and our internal and external experts have found no indication that TransUnion systems have been breached or that data has been exfiltrated from our environment,” the credit reporting firm says.

TransUnion also notes that it has analyzed the leaked database and concluded that it could originate from a third party.

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“Through our investigation, we have found that multiple aspects of the messages – including the data, formatting, and fields – do not match the data content or formats at TransUnion, indicating that any such data came from a third party,” the firm says.

A former member of the BreachForums cybercrime platform, USDoD is best known for the FBI’s InfraGard database hack. More recently, he targeted airplane maker Airbus and claims to have also breached NATO systems.

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