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It would seem like the modus operandi when travelling in Europe is to walk straight on and stop for no one, but constantly being on edge isn’t fun for anyone. Going on vacation is about stopping to smell the roses – as long as you have one hand in your pocket and the other in your purse.

Here are some other tips to steer clear of thieves in Europe:

Invest in a phone strap. It’s tough to avoid using your phone on the go since you’ll be on Google Maps and Google Translate a lot. An adjustable phone strap can help and doesn’t ruin your outfit like a fanny pack.

Wear outerwear with inside pockets. When you’re so bundled up you can’t tell where your skin ends and layers begin, you’re also less spatially aware and sensitive to movements on the train. Wear your bag on the front or, better yet, store valuables on the inside of your coat.

Leave the credit cards at home. I personally use YouTrip, but any travel debit card that isn’t connected to your local bank accounts works. I keep limited funds in mine and make top-ups only when necessary.

Carry photocopies of your passport. We all know what a prized asset our Singaporean passport is, and losing one can single handedly ruin your trip. Keep a copy handy as proof of identification – you’ll need that should complications arise.

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