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Trend Micro is providing attack surface risk management (ASRM) capabilities to Trend Vision One cybersecurity platform users, according to the company.

Furthermore, Trend Micro is now using global threat intelligence and millions of sensor types to help Trend Vision One users generate security insights.

Trend Micro Delivers Insights into Cloud Security Risks

Organizations can use Trend Vision One’s ASRM capabilities to “consolidate their cybersecurity efforts and achieve a complete view of cloud security risks across hybrid IT environments,” Trend Micro said.

Trend Vision One’s ASRM capabilities allow organizations to map their cloud attack surfaces in real time, Trend Micro stated. They provide organizations with access to inventories of their internal and external cloud assets.

Organizations can use Trend Vision One’s ASRM capabilities to evaluate their cloud assets and prioritize and execute remediation actions, Trend Micro indicated. They can also identify and address vulnerabilities in running containers.

Trend Micro Powers Threat-Informed Cybersecurity

Along with offering Trend Vision One ASRM capabilities, Trend Micro is giving platform users access to “global insights to deliver the most intelligent AI in the industry,” Chief Operating Officer Kevin Simzer said.

Trend notes that Vision One captures threat insights from millions of sensors and trillions of threat queries from over 500,000 global commercial customers. Vision One collects security data from endpoints, mobile devices, servers and other sources, Trend Micro noted. In doing so, the platform provides insights into all of the steps of the cyberattack kill chain.

Trend Micro Hits 100 Consecutive Quarters of Profitable Growth

The third quarter of fiscal year 2023 marked Trend Micro’s 100th consecutive quarter of profitable growth, which represents “a milestone rarely achieved in the public market,” CEO Eva Chen said.

Some of Trend Micro’s financial results during the time frame included:

  • 13% year-over-year net sales growth
  • 20% year-over-year enterprise annual recurring revenue growth
  • 30% year-over-year growth of free cash from operations

Trend Micro’s products and solutions are used by more than 500,000 enterprise organizations and 17 million consumer customers globally, the company indicated. MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers can join Trend Micro’s channel partner program to integrate these products and solutions into their offerings.


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