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Trend Micro announced on Sunday it is working with AI chip giant Nvidia to create new artificial intelligence-powered cybersecurity tools that will protect AI data centers.

Trend Micro intends to present the tools at the Computex conference in Taiwan, which begins on Sunday. The tools are designed to ensure that data is only viewed by those authorized to access it and detect intrusions. They are intended to work on Nvidia’s chips.

Many companies are training AI systems to support their workers in HR and customer service-related duties. However, to accomplish this, the companies frequently consolidate data from many parts of the company into one location, which attracts hackers who target the system.

Trend Micro will concentrate on ensuring that data in AI systems is safe from hacker eavesdropping and identifying intrusions. The majority of contemporary chatbots allow users to communicate with them by posing questions, and frequently, these queries contain sensitive data, such as confidential client information or trade secrets. 

(Photo : Muha Ajjan from Unsplash) According to cybersecurity researchers, the hackers have compromised Microsoft Teams through its new phishing attack—by deploying the DarkGate malware.

AI Cybersecurity Partnership of Google

Trend Micro’s latest AI cybersecurity ventures join various tech giants using AI in cybersecurity. Google Cloud and CrowdStrike recently collaborated to improve cybersecurity using Mandiant’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Incident Response (IR) services by combining Google Cloud Security Operations with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.  

This partnership will leverage CrowdStrike’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), and Exposure Management solutions.

The 75% increase in cloud incursions over the previous year highlights the need for efficient cybersecurity solutions. According to CrowdStrike, adversaries are getting so fast that they could infiltrate customer environments within minutes. 

The company also stated that countering these contemporary dangers necessitates a security approach that is intuitively handled, reduces complexity, and strengthens security and DevOps teams. 

The agreement aims to enable users to prevent breaches in various cloud environments by combining AI-driven Google Cloud services with Google Cloud’s Security Operations platform and CrowdStrike’s advanced protection capabilities.

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A Significant Step in Cybersecurity

CrowdStrike’s Chief Business Officer, Daniel Bernard, noted that the company’s technology is essential for preventing breaches at pivotal attack moments.

He emphasized that CrowdStrike offers outstanding protection with remarkable ease and speed of deployment because of its one platform, single agent architecture. Bernard views the expanded alliance with Google Cloud as a revolutionary cybersecurity development.

It enables Mandiant’s Incident Response and Managed Detection and Response services to leverage Falcon alongside Google Cloud’s Security Operations platform, incorporating top-tier technology with expert insight to provide organizations with crucial breach prevention capabilities.

This partnership extends to Google Chronicle, the Hyperscale Security Operations platform, Mandiant Managed Defense, and the deployment of CrowdStrike Falcon to aid Mandiant Consulting.

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