Trezor X Account Compromised in Suspected Hack | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Trezor, the company’s official X account, was compromised, likely due to a SIM swap attack. The hacker posted fraudulent messages promoting fake token sales and wallet scams.

ZachXBT alerted the community of the suspected breach on March 19. The posts from Trezor’s compromised account advertised a fake “$TRZR” token presale on the Solana network, urging users to send funds to a malicious Solana wallet address. 

Additionally, the hacker referenced a new memecoin called Slerf, seemingly as a tactic to increase engagement.

While the likely scam posts were swiftly removed, the incident has raised concerns about Trezor’s account security measures. Notably, the hacker managed to steal approximately $8,100 from Trezor’s Zapper account. 

Crypto commentator John Holmquist criticized Trezor for potentially failing to implement two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure its X account, underscoring the importance of robust security practices.

Trezor, which has sold over two million hardware wallets since its inception in 2012, experienced a previous security breach in January, exposing the contact information of nearly 66,000 users. The company currently offers three hardware wallet products capable of storing over 9,000 coins offline.

This event reminds the crypto community to stay vigilant and prioritize strong security measures, particularly for prominent companies handling sensitive financial information.

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