Troup County government recovers after county-wide computer hacking

Troup County officials are feeling the after-effects of an apparent hack that encrypted all city software, computers, and emails.

While the county is working to restore the outage, many are still trying to figure out how to work through the unexpected virus.

The source of the virus is unknown but believed to be intentional. Sheriff James Woodruff saying everything began with dispatch.

“When it (dispatch) goes down, it sends off an alarm to us,” said Troup County Sheriff, James Woodruff.

The outage affected all county computers, from the government center to the Sheriff’s Office, 911 dispatchers, the Lagrange Police Department, and even the District Attorney’s Office.

“It basically encrypted all of our software, all of our software, all of our computers, all of our emails, our 911 software locating our GPS when people are in trouble, booking people at the jail, putting people through our court system, paying our bills. Everything was totally encrypted,” said Troup County Manager, Tod Tentler.

The Sheriff’s office reportedly feeling the impact of the shutdown the most, having to report back to primitive paper methods in order to handle police reports and bookings into the county jail.

“Very rough weekend for the jail, very rough weekend for all of us, because when you’re so used to doing things in this computer age, and all of a sudden, you can’t do that anymore, it just sends a shockwave through you, and you just have to back up and look at the situation, and move slowly,” said Troup County Sheriff, James Woodruff.

County Manager Tod Tentler describing the situation as a complete disaster, with IT professionals working overtime to resolve the issue.

“We’ve been working since basically 1 a.m. Friday morning straight through the weekend, our IT department has about 7 or 8 people we contract with the city of Lagrange to do our IT, and they have been working 20 hour days trying to get us up and running,” said Tentler.

The county reports being hacked on a small scale a few months ago, but nothing of this large scale.

Partial operating systems are back and running as normal again. At the Sheriff’s office, they say they’re only about 35 percent recovered.

It is expected to take at least a month to get everything regulated.

The FBI and a third party forensic investigator are helping with the probe to find out who is responsible.


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