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Tube pervert who attacked girl used website where men urge each other to sexually assault women   | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

  • EXCLUSIVE: Abdulrizak Ali Hersi has previously been jailed for similar offences 
  • He was a member of twisted forum of others who engage in this type of crime

A pervert jailed and banned from standing near any woman he doesn’t know for ten years after sexually assaulting a schoolgirl on a busy tube train was a serial predator and a key player in a sinister online message group where warped men encouraged each other to carry out such attacks.

Abdulrizak Ali Hersi was sentenced to 18-months’ prison and banned from standing near any female he doesn’t know in public after he was caught sexually assaulting a 13-year-old in front of her family in a busy London Tube carriage.

Now we can reveal the 32-year-old has previously been convicted and jailed for similar offences – the first of which saw him attack a woman on a train ten years ago.

And Hersi was also a prominent member of a twisted forum which hosted hundreds of stories from men around the world who engage in this type of crime against unconsenting females.

On the website – which we have decided not to name and has thankfully now been shut down – users calling themselves ‘chikans’ shared graphic tales of ‘frotteurism’, which involves getting kicks from groping or rubbing their private parts up against women on trains and buses.

Abdulrizak Ali Hersi, 32, was found guilty of sexual assault at Inner London Crown Court on 5 May
Sick forum: Screengrab from sinister online forum where men urged each other to attack unsuspecting victims, and shared photos of women. The forum has now been closed down

Some posts included sick videos and images, and users would congratulate one another on their perverted ‘successes’.

Many of the stories are too revolting to share, but one poster wrote: “I have been going on a wild groping spree…about two days a week on average.

“There have been times where I would go in the morning and then again in the evening but [to be honest] I don’t like to hunt every day.”

Another said: “London Tubes have always been a paradise for chikans. One chikan calls them mobile brothels. Best lines are Central line there are no CCTV then the Victoria line also the Piccadilly lines.”

And it was on the Piccadilly Line where Hersi was arrested for his latest crime last October.

Plain clothes police witnessed the incident when Hersi boarded a train at Green Park Underground station and stood near the doors.

At the next stop, a family got on. Moments later, Hersi sexually assaulted the teenage daughter.

The British Transport Police (BTP) officers, who were on patrol, dragged Hersi off the train at Leicester Square and arrested him.

Hersi, of Limehouse, East London, was charged with sexual assault and breach of an existing 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO), which he had received along with a 10-month prison sentence for a similar sexual assault at a music festival in Ealing in September 2019.

Plain clothes police witnessed the incident when Hersi boarded a train at Green Park Underground station and stood near the doors (file photo)

The perv was previously convicted of sexual assault in 2013 following an incident on board a train from Mile End to Liverpool Street, and again in 2014 for an attack which took place on on central London’s infamous Mall.

At Inner London Crown Court on May 5, Hersi was found guilty of sexual assault – although he was bizarrely found not guilty of breaching his SHPO.

Heris was jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of sexual assault and handed a further 10-year SHPO which bans him from “intentionally standing behind or next to any female he doesn’t know in a public place”. He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £187.

Inspector Sharon Turner, of the BTP, said: “Our plain clothes teams are specially trained in identifying dangerous sexual offenders like Hersi, who will do their level best to commit such crimes without notice.

“In this case, the victim and her family didn’t even realise what was happening until our officers quickly intervened.

“Passengers should feel reassured to know we have plain clothes patrols like this taking place across the Underground day and night to keep everyone safe.”

Anyone with concerns while travelling on the Tube or on train can text BTP on 61016.

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