Tulsa police warn of dark web identity theft as financial crimes rise

Police in Tulsa say local residents are among those targeted on the dark web.
Victims’ identities may be sold online.
They said it is hard to do anything about the crime once information is sent overseas.

A website on the dark web is promising your identity to the highest bidder.

The dark web, also known as the black web, involves overlay networks, where stolen personal information is often sold without a trace.

Once that information leaves the country, police say they can do little to help.

Experts say on in four people will have their financial information hacked.

Local police say they are learning more about the dark web and how criminals are using it to make money off of people’s identity.

Tulsa officers say they were recently interviewing a suspect when they say he cracked, divulging all the dirt.

Police said thieves will get residents’ personal information and log into a website where they can sell it all over the world using the internet currency bitcoin.

Bitcoin is used for legitimate things, but it is also used for illegal sales like guns and drugs, as it is hard to track.

In Tulsa last year, there were 4,402 reports made to financial crimes.

This year, there have already been 4,875 reports.

Financial crimes officers say they are partnering with cyber crimes officers to get a grip on what’s going on online.


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