Turkish hacker group says it was behind airport cyber attack

Austrian police are investigating whether a Turkish nationalist group was behind a failed cyber attack on Vienna airport last week.

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Hackers attempted to penetrate the airport’s computer systems but were prevented from doing so.

In a tweet, the hacker group “Aslan Neferler Tim” or “Lion Soldiers Team” says it launched the attack in response to the “racism” of airport authorities.

It was referring to the refusal of Austrian officials to issue a group of Turkish nationals emergency visas that would have allowed them to leave the airport and stay the night in a hotel after their flight was grounded for technical reasons

The hackers describe themselves as responding to attacks against “Islam and the (Turkish) nation.”

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Diplomatic relations between Austria and Turkey have taken a downward turn after the failed coup attempt in Turkey, with Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz warning he will stop any move that brings Turkey closer to joining the European Union.


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