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Twitter users reveal hack to keep app’s original look after ‘X’ update | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Elon Musk announced just over a week ago that he’d be rebranding Twitter to ‘X’, changing the name, logo and color of the platform. The change didn’t happen overnight, as it took some time for the app to update. Recently, more users have had their apps update and switch to the newer version of the platform, leaving them upset and nostalgic for the old look.

Currently, the phrases “My Twitter” and “X’d” are trending because millions of people are discussing the aesthetic change of the app.

However, some Twitter users have figured out a way to push back on the rebrand and keep their Twitter app unchanged. They’ve done this by utilizing the shortcuts feature on Iphones. This is just one of many hacks Iphone users can do to take full advantage of their devices.

“Yeah ur not doing this to me,” wrote @summerahrens in her post.

Her tweet currently has over 539,000 likes, with users clamoring to keep their home screen setup the same.

In order to do this, there are just a few steps to take. The first course of action is to go into the shortcuts app and start a new shortcut. Then, you have to click the “Open app” option and type “X” to control that app. From there, click the “Add to home screen” button, which will show a preview of what the shortcut will look like. On that screen, users can change the name and photo of the app they are trying to control.

Once the app looks the way you want it to, remove “X” and insert the shortcut into its place. While the shortcut can’t affect how “X” looks once it’s open, it can give off the same appearance from the outside.

While some users just figured this strategy out, others took the opportunity to show off their fully customized app setups.

“Perfect time to show off our homescreen layouts,” wrote @another_n1c0le.

As Twitter users continue to mourn over the loss of their beloved bird icon, those who are truly distraught over the change now have a mechanism to maintain normalcy on their home screens.

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