Twitter warns of government ‘hacking’

The email warning said, “As a precaution, we are alerting you that your Twitter account is one of a small group of accounts that may have been targeted by state-sponsored actors”. Twitter warning users that they have been victim of government sponsored hacking jobs, according to the Independent. According to Twitter, it is possible that the hacks may not have been targeting these users. It did not provide additional information about the attack or possible suspects in its investigation. The Chinese and North Korean governments are thought to be responsible for some cyber hacking of western companies and governments. Twitter emailed users to say that the hackers may have sought their email or IP addresses, or phone numbers, which it recently began collecting. Google unveiled its notification service in 2012, while Facebook announced a similar service in October of this year. James Lewis, a cybersecurity expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC, said that government-backed attackers have far greater resources at their disposal than criminal hacker gangs. However, this might be the first that warns against state-sponsored hackers. Coldhak’s Twitter account, @coldhakca, retweeted reports from a number of other users who said they received the notice. Though Twitter has asserted in its warnings that it now has no evidence about users’ account information having been accessed by hackers, the company also said alongside that it is “actively investigating” the matter. One of the founding directors of Coldhak said his organization has seen “no noticeable impact of this attack”. Tor is free software that allows for anonymous communication on the Internet and directs internet traffic via a worldwide- free volunteered network to hide a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. Others who tweeted about receiving the notice included security researchers and journalists. 



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