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Two local cases show we are enabling child predators | Daily News Commentary | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

The terrible problem of monsters sexually assaulting children and pimping them out for money seems to be getting worse. Is the internet fueling it? Probably, but there isn’t much we can do about that. But we can certainly make at least a small dent in this crisis by reversing one of Joe Biden’s most insane policy decisions.

Two recent area cases of the exploitation of teenage girls illustrate the point.

*** The story from Fond du Lac County is about as repulsive as it gets. According to the Fond du Lac sheriff’s department, a Nicaraguan man living in Oakfield since entering the U.S. illegally while Biden stopped enforcing the border molested a 12-year old girl who was only able to save herself by escaping from her predator and banging on a stranger’s door after midnight. It gets worse. The man, who is either 30 or 31, got the girl after the child’s mother took money from the man in exchange for him being able to “spend time with her.” Ugh. So much for maternal instinct. The authorities are trying to determine if the mother also entered the country illegally. These cases are not rare. There are many reports that the cartel operators who are smuggling females into the United States in exchange for money are forcing the girls to prostitute themselves in order to come up with the cash. It’s apparently happening all over the country, thanks to Biden distributing the illegals in these disgraceful relocation efforts. Simply returning to enforcing the border, which can be accomplished by merely replacing Biden with former President Trump, will reduce the number of cases of adult men molesting girls. The majority of the millions of illegals who have come into the country are decent people looking for a better life. But when you have a universe of millions of people, you’re also going to have lots of awful creeps. Those creeps are coming into our country along with the other millions in Biden’s open-border nightmare.

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Mark Belling

*** Then there are homegrown predators. One of them is being financially bankrolled by the people who pack the popular Five O’Clock Steakhouse at 24th and State in Milwaukee. According to Milwaukee liquor license records, the restaurant is owned 100% by a cretinous slimeball named Stelio Kalkounos.

Kalkounos’ ugly history has been somewhat widely reported. He has, for nearly 20 years, been a registered child sex offender. Kalkounos was convicted in a major federal sting after his 2006 arrest in which he traveled from a Chicago suburb to Milwaukee to meet a 14-year old girl. What he actually met was a federal agent.

Kalkounos had been operating a steakhouse in Chicago’s western suburbs when he and his family bought the famed Five O’Clock restaurant in Milwaukee from the legendary Coerper family. While Kalkounos served over three years in federal prison, his relatives ran the Milwaukee restaurant.

But Kalkounos has been in charge for well over a decade and is apparently a constant presence at the restaurant. Former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett even held a city event at the dump a few years ago and babbled an incoherent explanation when Fox 6 asked him why the city was patronizing a place owned by a child sex predator. The alderman who represents the Milwaukee district, Bob Bauman, said Kalkounos deserved a second chance.

Kalkounos even tried to get out of his federal probation early a few years ago by claiming he is a “changed man.” Kalkounos plays in a band with the ironic name “Sacred.” He even sings for the diners at the restaurant.

I have known about Kalkounos for more than 25 years as he was a regular at a Chicago restaurant I used to frequent back in the day. Knowing what I knew, I have refused to set foot in his Milwaukee restaurant.

Kalkounos allegedly hasn’t changed a bit. A federal grand jury in Madison has indicted him on charges of having lengthy sexual relationship with a teenage girl and pimping her out to other men. He was further accused of making a video of her having sex to, according to the authorities, use it as child pornography. Kalkounos was arrested a couple of weeks ago at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

The FBI suspects there are more victims and has asked anyone with further knowledge of Kalkounos’ behavior to contact the Milwaukee FBI office.

The people who patronize the Five O’Clock Steakhouse might have been able to say they didn’t know anything about the monster-owner. They can’t say that anymore. Unlike the guy from Oakfield, Kalkounos didn’t enter the country illegally. Enforcing the border isn’t going to do anything about guys like him. But it wouldn’t hurt for the rest of us to avoid patronizing businesses run by known child predators.

(It should be noted that lots of restaurants have similar names. Do not confuse the Milwaukee Five O’Clock Steakhouse with other restaurants nor blame any former owners for the current owner’s alleged conduct.)

Mark Belling is the host of a daily WISN radio talk show.

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