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Two school safety bills will be passed into law by Govenor Joe Lombardo. 

The Democrat’s Assembly Bill 285 and the Govenor’s AB330 work together with one another.

Both bills tackle school safety, but in different ways.

Last night, AB285 was signed into law while the AB330 made it out of the senate. 

School safety has been an area of concern for some time now and it appears progress is being made.

AB285 focuses on restorative justice and progressive discipline actions to make sure students don’t get left behind. 

“One thing that we have to take a look at is when a child crosses that line and there is that behavior issue, why,” said Assemblywoman Angie Taylor. “Because if you just do something to say hey, we’re going to send you home for a couple days, which research shows does absolutely nothing by the way, that kid comes back and has no more tools.” 

While the restorative justice model has been criticized by some over the years, both parties came to a compromise on how it can be used effectively. 

AB285 calls for more training for school staff on ways to handle children with different behaviors.

Data will now be required quarterly to be given to school districts and the Department of Education for training, suspensions, and other school safety items that they can assess where changes may be needed in schools.

“We want to look at it on the quarterly basis because when you look at it on the annual basis, that means you went a whole year and didn’t correct course if you needed to,” Taylor said. 

Disciplinary actions will also include input from school’s counselors, psychologists, and behavioral experts. 

Assemblywoman Taylor, who sponsored AB285, talked about how the Governor’s bill 330, worked together with her bill.

“In terms of working together, you have this one that focuses on discipline, this one leans a little bit more towards support and the best environment that you have good discipline that’s fair and that’s equitable that we track,” Taylor said. “In addition to how do we help teachers utilize it and how do we help students get better if and when and if they make a bad decision.” 

For AB330, suspended students will be given other education services or be considered for temporary alternative placements during their suspension to help keep them on track.

Upon the removal of a child from the classroom, this bill says the principal must provide a written explanation. Included the principal now has the judgement to not allow a student to return to class if they believe they pose a serious threat.

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