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Tyler ISD prepares for first day of school with new safety rules | #schoolsaftey

TYLER, Texas — Tyler ISD is set to begin the new school year tomorrow with a record number of students, nearly 18,500. To help keep them safe, a new legislation requires an armed security guard on every school campus in Texas. 

“Feeling great, pre-registration enrollment is above 18,500 right now, which would represent the largest enrollment we’ve ever had in this school system,” said Marty Crawford, Tyler ISD Superintendent.

The House Bill 3 requires all Texas schools to have an armed officer or security guard on every campus. Crawford said that he’s not at all worried about meeting that new standard.

“We were well ahead of the game before that. Last year, we actually put a police officer on every one of our campuses. We actually have the third largest law enforcement agency in Smith County behind the city of Tyler and the sheriff’s department,” Crawford said. “So regardless of what legislation was enacted this last session, we already had a best practice in place.”

Tyler ISD certainly has a well-staffed and well-equipped policing force, but emergency situations can still happen. When they do, city law-enforcement steps in.

“They need more resources, we can provide those. Any kind of case where they need a little more help, we’re happy to come in and help them,” said Andy Erbaugh, Tyler PD spokesperson.

Erbaugh said the department is ready to provide TISD with backup when needed.

“In an emergency situation, we’ll respond to them as well,” Erbaugh said. “Because like I said, they are a large police department, but we have the capacity to send a lot of people if necessary.”

Erbaugh added that although city police are trained and prepared to work with the school district, he hopes that school stays safe, and they never have to.

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