U.S. Exposes Another China Government Hacker Group


U.S. National Security Bureau and U.S. security companies, recently identified another CCP unit working against many networks. These included European, American and Japanese government entities, military contractors and research companies in the space and satellite industry, all of which have been systematically broken into in the past seven years

NY Times report on June 9, just weeks after the Justice Department indicted five members of the Chinese army, accusing them of online attacks upon United States corporations, a new report came through from CrowdStrike, released on Monday, offering more evidence of the breadth and ambition of China’s campaign to steal trade and military secrets from foreign victims. 

The report stated, attacks made against dozens of public and private sector organizations, were traced back to a group of Shanghai-based hackers. The National Security Agency and its partners have identified the hackers as Unit 61486. The researchers say, the list of victims could number in the hundreds, if not thousands.

The report claimed hackers always use some clever cover up to deceive its recipient. One email attachment looked like a brochure for a yoga studio in Toulouse, France, the center of the European aerospace industry. But once opened, allowed hackers to sidestep their victim’s network security and steal closely guarded satellite technology.

With exposure of CCP hacker intrusions by the US, US and CCP are upgrading their network spying tactics.

Tensions have been simmering for many years, but grew more heated last year when American CybersecurityCo, Mandiant, identified Unit 61398 as source of thousands of attacks upon foreign companies.

The City University of New York, professor of political science Xia Ming, believes that it’s important for the U.S. policy of security and Justice Department, to make clear and expose the alleged CCP hackers.

Xia Ming: “I think firstly, the latest disclosed information from US, makes US companies more aware of their vulnerability. I believe it has a big impact upon the business side connected to the US. Considering now, how US companies have all kinds of skepticism and pessimism to China’s investment environment right now. I think this report could cause U.S. companies to take more action within the areas of vigilance. While U.S. companies’ reaction may make changes on the support to US policy from US enterprises.

Xia Ming believes, with Mandiant’s exposure of the five CCP officers from Unit 61398, and being sued by the Justice Department, and also the exposure of unit 61486 from CrowdStrike, the U.S. government now intends to release information.

Xia Ming: “U.S. and China’s relationship is worsening in some places. You can tell the Obama government is strengthening it’s policy towards China, especially in their return and revenge ploy of the alliance between China and Russia. I believe it is related, with the released information from US and U.S. Justice Department suing the five Chinese military officers.” 

Xia Ming said that it is highly persuasive to public opinion, when two private companies find the same problem. It could have a huge impact upon public opinion. Xia Ming believes, to adjust the US policy to China, first the government needs to win the support in the business community; secondly it needs to win the publics support of opinion. 

Xia Ming also believes, that the big difference in cyber espionage between United States and China, is US espionage is basically for national security.

Xia Ming: “But China is different. China targeted more at business interests and US technical monopoly, etc, but not only from the national security aspect. We can tell the CCP used state machine technology through intelligence agencies, to steal information and support its state-owned enterprises, which is totally different from US.”

In addition, Xia Ming pointed out that all U.S. practices are monitored by another power. U.S. operations are carried out by the executive branch; and the executive branch can be criticized and supervised by Congress. 

US officials say the N.S.A. (National Security Agency) and its partners, are currently tracking more than 20 hacking groups in China, with over half of the units connected to the People’s Liberation Army, as they break into public and private sector companies, ranging from satellite, drone and nuclear weapon component makers, to technology and energy companies and research groups.

George Kurtz, co-founder of CrowdStrike: “If you look at all the groups that we track in China, the indictments are just the very tip of the iceberg,” – See more at: http://www.ntd.tv/en/programs/news-politics/china-forbidden-news/20140613/158257-us-exposes-yet-another-chinese-communist-party-ccp-hacker-unit.html#sthash.BJGMyACF.dpuf

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