Uber hires two Jeep hackers to strengthen security of its Autonomous Car Project

San Francisco – Uber Technologies Inc., the taxi giant, is looking forward to making self-driving cars. To prevent their cars from being hacked, the company has hired two of the top vehicle security researchers.

The two geeks, namely Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, are security researchers who earlier showed the safety flaws in autonomous cars. Miller, a Twitter Inc. employee, and Valasek worked at a security firm, IOActive, will both quit their jobs and start working for Uber Technologies Inc. starting next week.

The company plans to post them at their Pittsburgh facility, where they undergo research on self-driving cars and robotics. The company stated that these two people will report directly to Joe Sullivan, Uber’s chief security officer, and John Flynn, chief information security officer, to bring forward an extremely secure model of autonomous cars.

The Miller and Valasek duo came into the limelight this month after they were able to hack into a self-driving Jeep Cherokee and brought it to a halt on St. Louis highway by wirelessly hacking through its entertainment system. They proved it to the world that how unsafe it would be to rely on the self-driving cars, and also the risks they possess for the lives of the people.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and other automobile manufacturers were annoyed with this stunt of the duo. But the silicon valley auto manufacturers were keen on knowing their methods and improving their security. Tesla Inc. worked closely with the two other hackers who once hacked into their Model S sedan, at a presentation at hacker’s conference, a month back.

“I’ve been in security for more than ten years, and I’ve worked on computers and phones. This time, I wanted to do something that my grandmother would understand. If I tell her, ‘I can hack into your car,’ she explains what that means,” Miller said in an interview statement.

Source: http://www.pc-tablet.com/2015/08/29/6344/uber-hires-jeep-hackers-strengthen-security-autonomous-car-project.html