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The Ubisoft SEA TikTok account has been hacked, with the account having been replaced by a fake giveaway.

The hacked Ubisoft SEA Tiktok account

While the account still retains the Ubisoft SEA name and handle, the TikTok now has all its videos removed, and its profile image replaced with Elon Musk.

Additionally, a link was installed on to the profile claiming to be a verification system to win prizes that we advise users not to click, for fear of phishing scams.

Ubisoft SEA being the vicitim of the hack is particularly dangerous compared to your average account- considering that the account is verified, it now makes the scam look that much more legitimate.

Their other social media remains untouched, and they have not issued any statements on the state of their compromised TikTok account, which is a good sign that it was the only thing they’d lost.

This kind of hacking was common on Twitter- with many accounts being replaced with Musk’s visage and claims of free cryptocurrencies and the like for clicking suspicious links.

It should be noted that while the trend of these bots is to use the billionaire’s likeness, he himself is not affiliated with them.

All users are urged to remain vigilant and not fall for fraudulent links on social media.

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