UK Government Department Reports on Cyber Security Problems

Ransomware is one especially spiteful kind of e-threat that if unwisely clicked through an e-mail attachment is sure to have all of the victim’s files, company accounts, or family photos encrypted following which the malware owner a cyber-criminal would demand a huge sum of money for restoring access to those lost documents.

Today ransomware is a very common threat online, it being a simple and low-risk means for churning lot of money.

In this connection the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport recently reported about approximately 46% of the entire enterprises in UK spotting one cyber-security hack or other during 2016. The percentage has increased to 66% with respect to medium-sized businesses while for big businesses it’s 68%.

The conductor of the survey, Ipsos MORI did the job while partnering with University of Portsmouth’s Institute for Criminal Justice Studies. The survey participants included 1,523 businesses in United Kingdom. Besides, thirty interviews were taken of companies. All that formed the basis of the report. It has been found that enterprises, which maintain customers’ private data, have more chances than ordinary for experiencing hacking attacks, and 51% of the kind of enterprises have been seen dealing with the aftermaths of such assaults. posted this, April 19, 2017.

The survey concludes with the argument that an increasing existence of e-threats, particularly ransomware has raised the general level of awareness as well as why it’s significant for businesses to deal with cyber security problems. The said awareness matches governments’ efforts towards establishing one Cyber Essentials plan for aiding in preparing for assaults better.

Moreover, with companies finding it useful to have government guidance and details regarding cyber security, merely a small number of the companies look to get backing from Whitehall for safeguard of their operations.

A few unusual instances of cyber security have been highlighted in the report -more than 3,000 phishing e-mails in circulation during one month and different kinds of ransomware assaults.

In April 2016, UK had twelve different bodies operating from the government to prevent or deal with probable cyber attacks, being observed like a prominent security danger confronting the country.


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