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Ukrainian hackers attack Russian President’s Administration provider for the second time | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Hackers from the IT Army of Ukraine have announced the second successful attack on the Russian provider ARKADO Telecom, which has been supplying a full range of communication services for the Russian President’s Administration and other Russian state services.

Source: IT army of Ukraine on Telegram

Details: IT army of Ukraine noted that the successful attack was launched immediately after the servers were restored after the attack on 30 December.

Arkado Telecom provides the entire range of communication services for the Russian President’s Administration, the Federal Security Service, Moscow City and Moscow Oblast Administration, the Main Directorate for Traffic Safety, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian government-controlled Sberbank.


  • On 30 December, pro-Ukrainian hackers attacked the Russian provider ARKADO for the first time.

  • Hackers from the IT Army of Ukraine announced that they carried out a successful attack on the servers of Bitrix24, a service used by major Russian companies such as Rosneft.

  • On 7 August, pro-Ukrainian hackers broke into the website of the Moscow Technical Inventory Bureau, which contains data on property and property owners in Moscow and Moscow Oblast. All the Russians’ data was transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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