‘UK’s Tinder Swindler’ scammed women of £80,000 with chilling method that ‘ruined’ lives | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

Peter Gray love-bombed his victims into believing he was everything they needed.

The 35-year-old came across as kind and thoughtful, showering his Tinder dates with surprise gifts. But the string of innocent women he targeted knew something ‘wasn’t quite right’, as each of them had a gut feeling something was off.

The sinister scammer swindled four women out of about £80,000 and was jailed in February for 56 months. But unlike other romance fraudsters, Gray, from West Yorkshire, never directly asked for money and defrauded them behind their backs by stealing their identities.

One woman, Jessica – not her real name – met him on the dating app in 2018 after coming out of a six-year relationship. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, she said he was “a good listener and everything I needed at the time”.

A few weeks after she stopped seeing him, Jessica noticed a payment just short of £500 came out of her account, with a similar payment made the following day. She later discovered loans up to the value of £9,000 were taken out in her name.

One victim, Hannah (left), pictured with her sister (right), said Gray ‘totally ruined my life’(BBC)

At his apartment on their third date, Jessica got up to use the bathroom and left her handbag and purse in view. “I left my bag on his dining table, he went in my bag and took pictures of my driving licence and both my bank cards,” she revealed.

When she called the loan company, she discovered he had used his home address on one of the loans, enabling Jessica to attribute the fraud to Gray. Another victim, Elizabeth – not her real name – who matched with Gray in 2020, was sent flowers without her ever informing him of where she lived, which sent alarm bells ringing.

Talking to 5 Live, she recalled the chilling moment: “He sent me some flowers to my house, I questioned ‘how did you know my address? Because I’d never told you where I lived.’ He said he went and ‘looked at your driving licence and viewed your address because I wanted to do something nice for you,’ and it was a bit like, he’s being nice but he’s gone into my personal things.

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