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MISSOULA, Mont. – A new Security Operations Center on the University of Montana’s campus is now up and running. This project has been in the works for over a year now, but with doors open the goal of the center is to get students in and give them hands-on cybersecurity opportunities on campus that perhaps they didn’t have before.  

Moving forward, the center has different initiatives planned that will allow them to work with smaller communities and cities and their cybernetworks. They’ve got efforts planned with Whitefish, for example, in a program named PiscesHowever, right now, the focus is rallying students into the center said Security Operations Center manager, Jace Reddick.   

“We’re still trying to find the students. I think we have some students in mind but we’re still kind of organizing what training’s going to look like, what the operations are actually going to be, kind of getting more solidified in what we are going to be doing,” said Reddick.  

One of the things that comes with recently opening is figuring out hours. The center hopes to operate on an 8 to 5 or 9 to 5 scheduleso students have opportunities to pop in between classes. Currently, the space is shared with the university Esports team which hasn’t been a problem, Reddick mentioned. However, the focus lies with getting students recruited into the center. To do this, some ideas have ranged from giving them real world experience to combining that with the cybersecurity degree at the university, all to help them when they get into the cybersecurity field.  

“A lot of people want to go into cybersecurity and a lot of the jobs in cybersecurity require experience and it’s extremely hard if every cybersecurity job needs experience. How are you supposed to get that experience? That kind of thing is huge. I’m looking forward to kind of springboarding that for the students as well as myself, said Reddick.  

He mentioned that it’s going to be a learning process within the center. Reddick said that down the road he hopes to have about 3 students in the center and continue to monitor the community networks for those smaller cities along with UM‘s as well.  


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