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The Apex Legends North American esports finals have been postponed due to the ongoing hacking scandal that ruined the tournament for the players. The security breach has been the biggest in the history of the game and players and fans are seriously concerned regarding the security of the game and their accounts.

This has led players to stop playing the game as EA and Respawn work on getting to the bottom of the issues. However, players are seemingly losing their minds not being able to play their favorite game. A lot of them took to community forums on X and Reddit to express their frustration through hilarious posts.

Player Reactions to Not Being Able To Play Apex Legends

Apex Legends gameplay

With the security of the game currently under scrutiny, a lot of players are refraining from playing the game, lest their accounts get compromised. But die-hard fans of the game are having a tough time coping without the game. They have taken to X to express their myriad of reactions to having to do anything else apart from playing Apex Legends.

And this player isn’t alone. Quite a few other players posted similar stories too. One user claimed that the voices in his head are growing stronger due to the absence of the game.

While this was the common theme among the posts, one user lamented the fact that the day they chose to play Apex Legends was the day the hack happened. Talk about coincidence.

Fans are not at all happy with the response of EA and Respawn to these ongoing hacking scandals. A video of Apex Legends pro Genburton getting hacked in the middle of his ALGS game is going viral.

The clip shows him playing the game and suddenly all his enemies are revealed. Like any sensible player out there he immediately let go of his mouse and then after a bit left the game because he didn’t want to play with cheats.

However, some users are under the impression that these players have been using cheats for some time and are now getting revealed by the ones who made the cheats. While that makes for a good conspiracy theory, it does not make much sense because most of these players have proved their mettle in person and in multiple games across the world.

Apex Legends Better Fix the Issue Fast

Apex LegendsApex Legends

When Respawn dropped Apex Legends 5 years ago, there was no fanfare, no marketing, nothing. Just an announcement of a new battle royale dropping and within a few hours the game was online. Ever since the community has grown steadily.

However, these recent allegations of security breaches have seriously affected the trust of the players in the game. And a lot of other games are being suggested as potential replacements for Apex Legends.

While players are not yet abandoning ship, EA and Respawn must figure out the situation fast if they wish to stop bleeding players. With a number of other games on the horizon just waiting to be played, only time will tell how long players will stick by a game that cannot guarantee security in a tournament as prestigious as ALGS.

What do you believe happened at ALGS? Do you think the pros cheated? Or was it a breach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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