University of Oregon, Eugene schools practice earthquake safety | #schoolsaftey

Several Lane County schools and institutions participated in the annual Great Oregon ShakeOut, when millions of people worldwide practice earthquake safety.

Organized by the Oregon Department of Emergency Management, the drill promotes earthquake preparedness. Every year at 10:19 a.m. on Oct. 19, a one minute drill commences, where participants “drop, cover and hold on” for at least one minute.

Different entities across the state participate, such as government agencies, schools, businesses, clubs and even families.

All Oregonians can receive earthquake early warning alerts on cellphones via three different methods:

  • Wireless emergency alerts, which are sent out automatically to all smartphones unless a user has specifically opted out in their settings.
  • Android OS alerts, which are sent out automatically to all Androids.
  • ShakeAlert-powered apps, such as MyShake, which is free to download and personalize by location in Oregon.

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