University of San Diego under threat of data espionage

San Diego University smells the possible data breach threat. That is why the university administration has informed the existing and old students about it. The university announced this after getting across the fact that someone has illegally entered into the database from some bugged computer in the department.

The part of the university, which is known as the College of Education, has actually suffered this breach. The letter has been sent to the California’ Attorney General, which has said that they did not get any sign that the data has ever been used by the hackers or the data was used by the malicious purpose.

The data of the Pre-College Institute holds the name, addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, and other information of the students. This database is only required by the employees to use in order to be opened with the program FileMaker. The network of the College is enabled in the labs and library.

The university administration has apologized over these mishaps with the data security and has assured that the data will only be accessible by the employees in future.

University of San Diego under threat of data espionage

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