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In networking, encapsulation is a fundamental concept that involves wrapping data in a specific format before it is transmitted over a network. This process ensures that the data is structured and organized in a way that both the sending and receiving devices can interpret correctly.

Okay, let us see it this way instead.
Addressing and Encapsulation are just a pair that go hand-in-hand in networking, and they are just as simple as they sound, no fuss about it. Just assume Addressing deals with ‘labelling’, while Encapsulation deals with placing one container into another container.
I would like to give a scenario so you can understand better.
Imagine having to cargo a glass cup as a present to someone in a neighbouring country, you will have to secure it from breakage by wrapping it in bubble wrap, then place that in a carton containing package foam and placing it in another carton containing foam and all, from one carton into another, in-and-out, all to secure the package. Now consider this process as an Encapsulation process. as simple as that. Encapsulation happens while a packet travels down the OSI model, from The Application layer to the Data Link layer. Now, the receiver of that glass cup will have to remove every layer of wrapping and packaging you have done upon receiving, that process is called De-encapsulation.

Addressing is as simple as adding your address as a sender, which may include your phone number, email and addresses of the recipient like phone number, delivery address and all. Now the essence of this is that the freight company will not be sending only your item obviously, they will be sending alongside other items from other clients. But addressing will make them know where to send a particular item, and even if there is a mistake where they send a wrong item to a receiver, the receiver checks the details on the item and drops it because it is not addressed to them.
Or if you are moving houses, you get boxes to put your stuff in and label each box with ‘kitchen’, ‘toilet’, ‘kids room’ and the like. You know any box labelled kitchen is a container of items meant to be moved to the kitchen right? When you move to the new apartment, do you take boxes addressed or labelled ‘Kitchen’ to the ‘kids room’? No, right? That is what addressing does. As simple as that.


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