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In continuing our webinar series diving into the EU Digital Strategy, join us for an insightful session on the NIS2 Directive that shapes the cybersecurity landscape in Europe.

McDermott’s privacy and cybersecurity team in Brussels will lead the discussion with key policy stakeholders in this area, including representatives from the European Commission, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB). They will unpack how your organization may be affected by the NIS2, as it introduces:

  • A wider scope of application, covering new sectors, entities and their designation
  • Key cybersecurity risk management obligations imposed on “essential” and “important” categories of entities and how the European Commission is expected to further clarify them
  • Strengthened supervision and enforcement powers, including increased fines and personal liability provisions
  • Significant supply chain/flow down obligations

The webinar will also cover implementation challenges encountered by businesses and EU Member States and insights on how to prepare for NIS2 implementation.

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Minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) credit is pending in California, Illinois and New York. A Multi-Jurisdiction Certificate of Attendance will be made available to participants requesting MCLE credit in all other jurisdictions, depending upon that state’s rules. To be eligible to earn a CLE certificate, you must attend the entire program. Credit for partial attendance will not be provided.


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