Update now! Popular WordPress plugins have password bypass flaws – Naked Security

Researchers have discovered password bypass vulnerabilities affecting two WordPress plugins from a publisher called Revmakx.

The first vulnerable plugin is RevMakx’s InfiniteWP Client, a tool that allows admins to manage multiple WordPress sites from the same interface.

The second is WP Time Capsule, a site backup and staging tool.

The urgency is the number of sites using these tools – between 300,000 and 500,000 for InfiniteWP, and 20,000 or more for WP Time Capsule – so if you have either of these plugins, patch as soon as possible.

According to security company WebARX, who reported the vulnerabilities 7 January 2020, both bugs make it possible for attackers to login to admin accounts without a password.

The InfiniteWP bypass was found in the iwp_mmb_set_request function, used to check whether the user is attempting an authorised action.

Two actions that do that are readd_site and add_site, but neither implements an authorisation check which means that an attacker can craft a malicious request:

All we need to know is the username of an administrator on the site. After the request has been sent, you will automatically be logged in as the user.

An even simpler logic error in WP Time Capsule produces a similar result – this time, all you need to do is include the text string IWP_JSON_PREFIX in the request submitted to the WordPress server.