US court ordered Facebook to handover user’s data

The legal war is going on between the Facebook and the US courts in which the Facebook has been forced to handover the data of the 400 people. As per the government’s request, they want access to the photos, messages, and the details of those people, who are involved in the benefit trial fraud.
The Facebook is not accepting the fact that the government is actually asking for such a massive number of information from the social media website.
The government’s prosecutor said that the company is a digital landlord therefore; it has this onus upon it to meet the requirements of the government.
The court ordered the Facebook to give it the access to the 381 accounts where it is assumed that criminal evidences could be found.

After the appeal from Facebook, the judge has made the matter public. The legal adviser of the Facebook has argued since start that the data asked for is too huge for the company and we protest against this number.

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