US report to say Washington ill-prepared for possible China cyber-attack

Washington, Mar 9(ANI): A US congressional advisory panel is likely to warn that China will launch a cyber-attack on the country in the event of a conflict and the latter has no clear policy to respond appropriately.

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission found that American telecommunications supply chain is particularly vulnerable to cyber-tampering and an attack could lead to a “catastrophic failure” of critical infrastructure.

Though the congressional proposals aim to improve U.S. cyberdefenses, they would not address the key policy gap identified by the commission, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The report also found that the Chinese government is funding research at 50 civilian universities to bolster cyber-attack and defensive capabilities.

It warned that Chinese telecommunications firms assist the government in cyber-warfare research, training, and cyber-surveillance.

The commission’s findings are likely to stoke an outrage in Capitol Hill over competing cyber-security proposals, which are likely to be tabled in Senate in the coming weeks.

China has denied cyberspying allegations and has dubbed the U.S.-China commission a “product of Cold War mentality.” (ANI)

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