USA company facing serious consequences after posing spying threats on Germany

The German government is taking initial precautions against the spying threats to tackle the viruses. Therefore, the US telecom company Verizonis likely to get its contract canceled by the German government.
The interior ministry also told that the viruses and Trojan risks are boosting up on the networks as well. The US intellectual agencies had been involved in spying the German networks and it is not good for its critically sensitive internet networks.
The NSA was involved in spying the phone of the German Chancellor and the other German communications as well.
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor has discussed it with the French President that the networks are made in a way that  will make US agencies enter into it.
The Deutshe Telekom will be replacing the Verizon later. DT has already made a contract with the German government and will be handling its insightful phone calls and data.

On the other hand, the Verizon is coming up with the explanation that it is the German company and not working as per the regulations of US authorities.

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