Using social media to influence others a grave concern to all

I thank the authorities for a job well done in arresting a man who used and fooled others as tools for his violent, barbaric ideology (“Two detained under ISA for terror-related activities”; July 30).

Certainly, Zulfikar Shariff knew and hoped he could cause a catastrophe for our nation. The authorities have conducted detailed investigations to prevent his devilish, dastardly plots from being achieved.

The news of his arrest is timely, given the mad attacks around the world. I am disgusted, however, because I consider him a malcontent who gets satisfaction when others do his dirty work.

But it is not shocking news, as he is known to have extreme views. For over a decade, he tried to cause disquiet in our nation. Our security agencies would not have arrested him if he were not dangerous.

He does not believe in our democracy and has little knowledge of Islamic laws, yet tried to give the impression that he did. He dared to debate, indefensibly, with our scholars.

He would use all means to make his foolishness accepted by those with little ability to comprehend that the peace we have is a process that took years to achieve.

I would be ashamed if I were to migrate to a democratic country and be on the dole. A wastrel like him has no right to use and shame Islam.

To influence others through social media is a grave concern not only to our security agencies, I hope, but also to all of us, especially my fellow Muslims.

The interpretation of the Quran must be done by our learned religious leaders, led by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. Individuals must not be allowed to manipulate our religion for self-gain and without any responsibility.

I hope Zulfikar will be rehabilitated and able to contribute positively to our society when the time is right. Meanwhile, this arrest shows again that we must stand together and never take the peace we enjoy for granted.

We must all play our part to keep Singapore safe. To my fellow Muslims: We must never allow evildoers to use our religion. Many potential disasters can be nipped in the bud if they are detected early enough.


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