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Utah Company Partners with ZeroEyes to Bring AI Technology to School Safety | #schoolsaftey

AEGIX, a Utah-based provider of resources and training for first responders, has announced a partnership with ZeroEyes to combat school shootings using artificial intelligence (AI). ZeroEyes has developed an AI-based gun detection video analytics platform that has earned the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation.
Under a $3 million contract awarded by the Utah State Board of Education, AEGIX aims to introduce this technology to more school districts across the state. The partnership seeks to transform existing security cameras into proactive defense systems that can detect guns as soon as they are brandished, alerting schools and first responders before any shots are fired.
AEGIX is currently working with several school districts in Utah, including Salt Lake City School District, Cache County School District, Logan City School District, and Park City School District, along with the Salt Lake City Police Department and Cache County Sheriff’s Office.
Through the grant from the board of education, the ZeroEyes technology will be presented to all Utah school districts for consideration. Interested districts can acquire the software from AEGIX, which will coordinate with ZeroEyes to provide onboarding, training, installation, and support.
The integration of ZeroEyes’ AI gun detection and situational awareness software with AEGIX’s AIM active incident management platform will create a tailored solution for Utah public schools. The AIM system allows individuals within an organization, such as teachers, to notify others of a crisis with the touch of a button. The system also provides real-time communication between victims and first responders through a patented chat feature.
ZeroEyes’ technology, which is layered onto existing security cameras, identifies illegally brandished guns and shares images with a team of U.S. military and law enforcement veterans at one of the ZeroEyes Operation Centers. This team quickly verifies threats and dispatches alerts and actionable intelligence to local school staff and law enforcement.
Through this partnership, AEGIX and ZeroEyes aim to enhance school safety measures in Utah and protect students and faculty from gun-related violence.

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