Utah cyber-security expert calls hacker dump a ‘big, big, deal’

Stolen software, thought to be from the United States National Security Agency, has been dumped online and could be used in hacking attempts on countless Microsoft computers.
This weekend, a Utah former hacker turned cyber defense expert is busy trying to patch “thousands and thousands of servers” — and said you should not panic, but be prudent.
“It’s a big, big deal,” said Neil Wyler, who helps corporate clients protect their data. “It’s a big deal because it can impact anyone.”
On Friday, sophisticated hacking software was released online, software Wyler called a “tool kit,” that can be used for attacks on many older Windows-based systems.
“So now, hacker kids or ‘Script Kiddies,’ that don’t have to have any real knowledge can just load up these tools and go,” he said, adding if you are being hacked with the tools you would not know it, and anti-virus programs would not detect it.
Who stole the software, spread it, and why?
A group known as “Shadow Brokers,” which Wyler said surfaced last summer, claimed to have hacking treasures, sought money for them, but failed to attract many, if any buyers.
Wyler said some think the mysterious group is made up of ex-NSA, or Russian hackers.
Either way, “Shadow Brokers” said it supported President Trump, but has been disappointed with his moves since taking office, including the missile strike on Syria.
On a practical level, if you have a computer running Windows 95, 98, 2000, Vista, NT, or XP, Wyler advised to install updates from Microsoft.
“Over the course of the next few days, weeks, I would be checking for updates more frequently,” he said.
In a statement, Microsoft said its engineers have investigated and patched most of the vulnerabilities.
Wyler’s interview with 2News was Friday evening, but he said Saturday night, there had been no significant changes in the threat from the hacking tool kit release.


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