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Utah Public Safety reminds drivers of school bus safety | #schoolsaftey

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — School is back in session for several school districts across Utah starting this week and that means school buses will be back out in full force.

The Utah Department of Public Safety issued a reminder for drivers of the specific laws for when a school bus stops on the road.

“First of all, slow down,” warned the Department of Public Safety. “Children are more at risk when approaching or leaving a school bus. It’s important for all divers, as well as parents and students, to understand school bus safety.”

Children can come from all directions, especially if they’re running late for class. The Department of Public Safety said yellow flashing lights on a school bus are a sign that it is about to stop and pick up or drop off students. Once a driver sees these lights, they should be prepared to stop as well.

Red flashing lights and the extended stop sign means that children are actively getting on or off the bus. Drivers must stop and wait until the lights are off, the stop sign has been pulled back, and the bus is moving again before they can continue driving.

There are a few times when drivers don’t have to stop for a school bus stop sign, but they are rare exceptions.

Drivers going both directions must stop for a school bus on:

  • Two-lane roads with one lane of traffic in either direction
  • Three-or-more-lane roads with no separation between direction

Traffic going the opposite direction of the school bus are allowed to continue driving so long as there are five or more lanes with a center turn lane, or a median or physical barrier separates traffic.

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