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Valentine’s Day Alert: The Rising Menace of Romance Scams

As Valentine’s Day draws near, a sharp rise in romance scams, colloquially known as ‘pig butchering,’ has triggered alarm bells among law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity experts around the globe. These scams manifest as false romantic entanglements, meticulously constructed by fraudsters on dating platforms and social media to ensnare unsuspecting victims. The ultimate objective? To elicit money or personal financial information from victims, leaving them not only financially depleted but emotionally shattered.

An Unfolding Crisis

In 2022, victims of such fraudulent activities reported staggering losses of $1.3 billion. An average victim lost upwards of $4,000, demonstrating the severity of this escalating crisis. Whether spun through elaborate tales or desperate financial pleas, these scams often originate on popular dating platforms and social media sites, making them all the more insidious.

Spotting the Red Flags

Experts warn of key red flags, such as the scammer’s eagerness to move conversations away from the original dating platform or their reluctance to video chat. Sargeant John Armit from the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre and OPP emphasizes the importance of treating the heady rush of an online romance with caution. This sentiment is echoed by Ruth Talalla, the Scams Portfolio Lead at ANZ, who provides practical tips such as checking the amount of personal information provided on profiles, researching potential scammers, being cautious with sharing personal information, and trusting one’s instincts.

Reporting and Prevention

Despite the grim statistics, only 10% of romance scams are reported, which led to over $50 million being reported last year. This underreporting underscores the urgency of victims coming forward. Reporting not only aids in the pursuit of these cybercriminals but also helps in raising awareness about the prevalence of these scams. As Valentine’s Day approaches, this warning serves as a critical reminder for those engaging in online dating to exercise caution and protect their personal and financial information.

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