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Veeam unveils ‘radical resilience’ update for stronger enterprise data protection | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Veeam, the prominent player in Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery, has rolled out the general availability of the latest Veeam Data Platform 23H2 update. The new release, centred on the concept of “radical resilience,” offers an array of features and enhancements aimed at fortifying the protection of critical data in enterprises.

The fresh update from Veeam includes multiple versions, Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1, Veeam ONE v12.1, and Veeam Recovery Orchestrator v7, which are each equipped to not only safeguard critical data but also equip enterprises with the so-called radical resilience, allowing them to bounce back faster from ransomware and cyber-attacks.

According to the recent Veeam Data Protection Trends Report, 85% of organisations were hit by at least one ransomware attack in the past year, whereas only 16% managed to recover without paying the ransom.

Danny Allan, CTO at Veeam, emphasises the importance of safeguarding organisations against cyber threats to minimise their impact. The latest release from Veeam aims to reduce the time between a cyber incident and recovery, offering customers a rapid and effective means of ensuring business continuity. This heightened resilience allows businesses to continue operating smoothly despite cyber-attacks, reinforcing their ability to move forward without significant disruptions.

Danny Allan said, “Ensuring your organisation is protected and resilient in the event of an attack is the only way to make your business immune to its impacts. This latest release provides the shortest gap between cyber incidents and recovery, arming our customers with radical resilience to keep their business running and moving forward.”

New features in the latest release include an AI-powered built-in Malware Detection Engine for immediate detection of ransomware and malicious file management activity; the new Veeam Threat Centre that highlights threats, identifies risks and measures the security score of an environment; and enhanced backup protection that prevents accidental or malicious deletion or encryption of backups.

Other enhancements include extended cloud backup security and an AI-powered assistant providing real-time access to Veeam’s extensive knowledge base, improving efficiency.

This update also broadens the scope of protected workloads in the cloud, extending to Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Blob, Azure virtual networks, and Google Cloud Spanner.

Other key capabilities include object storage backup for powerful granular restore capabilities for cloud object storage data; an automated cloud recovery validation to save time on manual post-recovery tasks required when retrieving an on-premises workload into Microsoft Azure; and a Veeam App for ServiceNow for monitoring backup jobs, sessions, and restore points in a pre-built dashboard with automatic incident creation.

Also, the update presents new plug-ins for IBM DB2 and support for Linux and SAP HANA running on IBM Power.

Highlighting the ever-growing sophistication of cyber-attacks, Phil Goodwin, Research Vice President at IDC, stressed the need for a full range of cyber-recovery capabilities from backup and recovery vendors. He remarked, “Veeam’s new announcement offers significant enhancements to cyber protection capabilities. The AI-powered built-in malware detection engine, threat centre and zero-trust further demonstrate Veeam’s ongoing efforts to keep customer environments safe and recover quickly if attacked.”

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