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Students gather outside Jamestown High School on the first day as a student walks in front of a vehicle at right.
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The return of students to Jamestown High School has meant the return of traffic congestion along East Second Street.

School board member Frank Galeazzo addressed the safety concerns during Tuesday’s meeting.

“I saw an excessive amount of traffic being stopped out in front of Jamestown High School with parents trying to pick up students,” Galeazzo said. “I know the police department is trying to curtail that as much as possible. … That is not a pick-up, drop-off spot.”

Galeazzo said he witnessed a police vehicle, with its lights and siren on, trying to get by in front of the high school but was stymied because of “backed up traffic, double parked — not just one lane, both lanes — in front of Second Street.”

He continued, “Publicly, I’d just like to remind parents that is not a place to drop off and pick up students. It is a safety to our students. It’s a safety to our adults. It’s a safety to anyone else driving on that street.”

Paul Abbott, Jamestown School Board president, said traffic congestion in front of the East Second Street high school has been an “habitual problem for many years.”

“I know that the police have to be there and, in essence, re-educating people,” he continued. “I know sometimes that would come down to giving people tickets because they just won’t listen. It really is very dangerous because you start lining cars up along there … and kids go darting out.”



Jamestown Public Schools recently welcomed Rhonda Frank to serve as the superintendent’s secretary and district clerk to the Board of Education. Frank succeeds Jaunita Walter, who retired in August after seven years supporting the superintendent and board.

“I am overjoyed to welcome Rhonda to this important position,” said Dr. Kevin Whitaker, JPS superintendent. “She did an outstanding job during the interview process, and has been hitting the ground running. Her experience and professionalism has helped her as she begins to get up to speed with the myriad challenges and tasks of this role. I am looking forward to a long partnership.”

Frank joins the district after spending 20 years as a technical assistant, office manager and secretary to the president at Summit Wealth Management in Jamestown. She also served in support roles to the chief administrative officer of Jobs Chautauqua and secretary to the CEO and president at the Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, Fla.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the most important aspect of our society, the education of our children,” said Frank. “It’s extremely energizing to be working with such dedicated, high-caliber and highly qualified education professionals. I’m all in to give everything I’ve got to support Dr. Whitaker, the Superintendent’s Office and the JPS Board of Education.”

A native of Sugar Grove, Pa., Frank has lived in Jamestown for 25 years. She has two children, Shine and Ash, who are both Jamestown High School graduates and have both gotten their undergraduate degrees at New York state universities.

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