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Vernon Parish goes back to school | #schoolsaftey

VERNON PARISH, La. (KPLC) – Vernon Parish heads back to school on Aug. 21, and 7NEWS sat down with Vernon Parish School Board Superintendent James Williams to get the information parents and students need to know for their first day back.

What should parents and students know for the first day of school?

I would say, on a personal note, I’d say relax. We’re going to take good care of your children, they’re going to be fine. As far as what to know, what to bring, and what supplies they have, we’ve been having what we call orientation/open houses and all the schools for the past week and a half. So hopefully, those parents were able to make that. And if they didn’t, then the simplest thing is to just go to the school that your child is on to go to and sit down with the teacher or the principal and you can be orientated right on the spot. And we’re very accommodating, we’re very friendly, and we have very high academic standards for all of our kids, starting right here with kindergarten on up to the graduation point at 12th Grade.

Where should families go to find supply lists?

The supply list they have depending on the grade level would come from the school. The school may have a list or more importantly, that individual classroom teacher, and most of those lists are distributed, either at the orientation open house or sometimes you can see them on the school webpage.

What is the latest on security?

Well, we’re very fortunate our sheriff Sam Craft has been working with our schools for a long time. And we have a school resource officer stationed at each of our schools. We were one of the recipients of the latest grant from the state that we have things ordered from security and safety out of schools that are coming in and we’re installing. We’ve been working for the last several years on technology security devices, we have cameras based in all the schools. A lot of our schools have single entry points that are banned from the office as far as the release of the locks and so forth at the school. We have different communication devices. As far as where we’re at, we’re in pretty good shape. But we work each year to try to expand that and get better with our security in our schools.

Do you know which schools have officers and training?

The training itself is done through the administration. They will go over procedures and policies with their teachers. And then the teachers will go review that with their students.

How would you rate Vernon Parish’s academic performance?

Each school earns a school performance score. And that’s calculated with other factors to give each school district an overall rating. You’ll get a numerical rating and a letter grade rating, and then you’re ranked according to your rating. And our rating has always been for years in the top 10. And as high as three. I think it’s a testimony to the hard work and dedication of our classroom teachers that are basically supervised by those classroom and middle school administrators and the assistant principals. We have a great curriculum team here in our school district. And we have an outstanding school board that has high expectations and high standards for academic performance and their role in support. They find a way to provide the things that we need to help our teachers and help our administrators.

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