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Former Spanish international Verónica Boquete claimed that with the resignation of Luis Rubiales a battle against machismo in football has been won but that the war to achieve profound changes in Spanish women’s football is being lost. “We have won a battle but we are losing the war,” said the former Spanish captain and current Fiorentina player in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel.Rubiales finally saw that there was no point in continuing to tie himself to his position. But we want a deeper change,” she added.

Boquete, as she has done before, questioned the appointment of Montse Tomé as new Spain head coach, alleging that until now she has only been second and that it took her a long time to distance herself from Rubiales. “She has tolerated too many things and distanced himself from Rubiales too late. I don’t doubt that she is a good coach. But is it the best that can be found for the best team in the world? I don’t think so. There are others with more experience,” she added.


According to Boquete, the message that is being sent from the Spanish FA now is that “since a woman now trains the team, the players cannot continue complaining. That’s not what we want. Although we prefer Montse over Jorge (Vilda) it’s unfair, that’s why the players are still on strike,” she assured.

In the interview, Boquete assures that, in the midst of the controversy over Rubiales’ kiss with Jennifer Hermoso, the latter’s mobile phone was ‘hacked’ looking for things to compromise her and to exonerate Rubiales. “This is war. We knew there were no rules. Jenni’s cell phone was hacked, they (RFEF) had access to photos and videos. Then the things that could be used to attack the victim were leaked,” Boquete said when questioned about images that show players joking about the episode on the bus. “On the bus there are also other times when the players say that this is something very serious that cannot be tolerated. Since FIFA had forbidden Rubiales from contacting Jenni, he then looked for other paths,” he added.

According to Boquete, if the cameras had not captured the kiss episode, “Rubiales would be considered the best official in the world and Jorge Vilda the best coach” despite the fact that there had already been numerous complaints “about certain behaviors and training conditions.”

Boquete added that the statement from the men’s team players showing solidarity with Jenni Hermoso came too late and is insufficient. “The statement is first and foremost an attempt to dodge the issue. Players don’t want awkward questions. But now uncomfortable questions and courageous answers are needed”, he said. “The truth is that most players don’t care about the subject. Rubiales is not going to kiss them on the mouth. He’s not going to humiliate them. They don’t have to fight every day for equal treatment. It is difficult for them to be brave,” she added.

At the end of the interview, when the Galician was asked if she would prefer to coach a men’s team or a women’s team in the future, she opted to work in men’s football. “Not because I don’t like women’s football. I would also like to work with them, but I want to work at the highest level and at the moment this is in men’s football. It is a personal motivation. I would like to show that I have the same abilities as a man to train”, she explained. “Hopefully soon it will be normal for coaches and coaches to go from women’s to men’s football and vice versa. “I could do both,” she concluded.


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