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A New Jersey technology company has filed a lawsuit against unknown defendants as a way to stem the loss of trade secrets from a breach of its information technology system.

Blue Surge Technologies of Somerset and its parent company, Greenstar Technologies, are seeking compensatory damages and injunctive relief against the unknown parties who hacked into the company’s files beginning on Sept. 19.

The suit names five John Does and five ABC corporations as defendants, but once the actual parties involved are identified, the plaintiffs will seek civil seizure and damages from them, according to the suit.

Blue Surge, which develops Internet-of-Things software platforms and cloud computing, claimed the unknown parties gained access to its files and copied them.

The interlopers also deleted certain files, including the deletion of all the files from one of the company’s servers, the suit said.

“Said files included information that was and is critical to the plaintiffs’ businesses and which they exercised efforts to keep confidential since the utilization and/or disclosure thereof would damage their business tremendously,” the suit said.

The suit was brought by Dreifuss, Bonacci & Parker of Florham Park, New Jersey. That firm’s David Dreifuss did not respond to a call about the suit.

Proceeding pursuant to the Economic Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the suit said the stolen information derives economic value from not being generally known to or not being readily ascertainable through proper means by another person or company. The suit also brings claims of theft of trade secrets, wrongful conversion and civil conspiracy.

The plaintiffs seek injunctive relief, compensatory and punitive damages, civil seizure, damages for actual loss or for unjust enrichment, exemplary damages, counsel fees and costs.

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