Video, Audio & Rush Transcript: Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams Hold Virtual Briefing to Update New Yorkers on Security Measures Being Taken in Anticipation of Expected Large-Scale Protests | #schoolsaftey

Earlier today, Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams held a virtual briefing to update New Yorkers on the security measures being taken in anticipation of the expected large-scale protests.

VIDEO of the event is available on YouTube here and in TV quality (h.264, mp4) format here.

AUDIO of the Governor’s remarks is available here.

A rush transcript of the Governor’s remarks is available below:

Thank you, Mayor Adams. And once again, the two of us have been strong partners as we work to protect the public safety of all New Yorkers. And this past week has been one of unimaginable heartbreak. These attacks on innocent civilians, babies, children, grandmothers that have now unleashed a spiral of violence. We’ve all watched in horror and anguish as we saw so many of our own residents affected deeply, some who are over there still in harm’s way. And it’s a fear even within our city limits, in our state that people never expected to feel again so soon.

And I agree with the Mayor. Reports that Hamas has called for a day of action tomorrow calls for us together to address the concerns of New Yorkers as you receive this information. And I’m proud to work with you, Mayor, and our Commissioner, Caban, as we update New Yorkers.

What we first want to emphasize – something that is simple, and it’s nonnegotiable – that the safety of New York’s Jewish communities is not up for debate. We will stand in solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbors today, tomorrow, and every day. There is no call to violence that will shake that conviction, and there’s no evil we are unwilling to confront.

Before I discuss the security measures we’re adopting in the State of New York tomorrow, let me tell you what we’ve done briefly already to protect the citizens of our state. Immediately following the attacks on Israel Saturday morning, we directed the State Police to work with local law enforcement, especially here with the NYPD to up our local patrols and outreach. Yeshivas, synagogues, museums, cultural institutions, places that were deemed vulnerable in the city and throughout the state. Constant communication with our federal partners, state intelligence experts, as we monitor any potential security threats. I physically visited our New York State Intelligence Center in Albany to get an in-person briefing. Speaking regularly with the White House, in fact, I have a call momentarily with the White House and Department of Homeland Security, Department of State for the latest updates. And as the Mayor has been doing, I’ll reach to our community groups, religious organizations, the Muslim community, the Jewish community, and also responding to any credible threats.

But we all have to be clear, there is currently no intelligence showing any active threats in New York. That is the entire State of New York. But in a moment fraught like this, we will continue to exercise elevated vigilance and impose measures to deter any potential violence.

Let’s talk about what we’re planning to do in response to tomorrow’s elevated threat. We fully activated our Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Office of Counterterrorism. State Police have been fully activated. We have a strong presence throughout the state as well as here in the city. We’re prepared to support NYPD at our Joint Operations Center. And if we need them, we have the resources of the New York National Guard, and our joint task force, Empire Shield, ready to be activated. The National Guard is already directed to patrol key transportation hubs. We’ve been in contact with the MTA, the Port Authority, to ensure that they also have heightened their security measures. Our Hate Crime Task Force is on high alert and will help investigate disturbing incidents as necessary.

We want to reiterate to New Yorkers, there’s no reason to feel afraid. No one should feel they have to alter their normal lives or their routines. And indeed, when we change our behavior without a serious, credible threat, then we’re letting the terrorists win. I want all New Yorkers to feel confident going to a synagogue, going to school, walking to the streets of New York and throughout our state over the next few days.

And those who seek to use Hamas’s violence as justification for violence of their own, we have no tolerance for your hate. I condemn violence of every kind in New York. I want to be clear, when I say every kind, that’s exactly what I mean. I am outraged to reports of violence or threats against Jewish New Yorkers, including a reported incident where an Israeli student was assaulted on their very own college campus.

And I have zero tolerance for hate directed towards Palestinian New Yorkers, a community that is also cherished and respected in our state. Last night’s reported attack in Brooklyn of a Palestinian New Yorker is also completely unacceptable and reprehensible.

Public safety will always be my top priority. My commitment is to keep in New Yorkers safe, that is unwavering. And again, Mayor, so proud to team up with you once again. We have the finest working with us. I thank your team. I think my state team. And now I want to introduce New York City Police Commissioner, Edward Caban.

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