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VIDEO: SCSD No. 2 Makes Safety Updates to Buildings | #schoolsaftey

These bollards have been added to the front of every school building to prevent cars from driving through the front doors. SCSD No. 2 photo

GREEN RIVER — Sweetwater County School District (SCSD) No. 2 students may notice a few updates to their schools this year, while other updates may go unnoticed, but they’re all made to improve the safety of the buildings.

“Last spring the Green River Police Department and the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office conducted a safety audit throughout every school in Sweetwater School District No. 2,” Superintendent Craig Barringer said. “After the audit the district began making suggested changes and additions to the schools.”

One of those changes includes the addition of yellow bollards which have been added to the entries to the schools. The barricades are meant to keep a vehicle from being able to drive through the front doors. Another change includes the addition of security screens in the doors and windows.

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“These screens will not stop a bullet, but they will keep the window in place, which will keep an intruder from being able to enter the doors,” Barringer said. Below is a video taken when the GRPD tested the screens.

At Lincoln Middle School, doors have been added to the interior to help secure the building in the event of an intruder gaining access to the school.

These doors have been added to the interior at Lincoln Middle School to keep intruders from gaining access to the rest of the building. SCSD No. 2 photo

Cameras have also been added throughout the district to help eliminate blind spots in and around the facilities.

“Sweetwater School District No. 2 will continue to evaluate and educate our staff to help ensure the continued safety of our students and staff,” Barringer said.

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