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Violence at James Lick High School in San Jose – NBC Bay Area | #schoolsaftey

Frustrations are boiling over at James Lick High School in San Jose following two incidents in which people came on campus and attacked students and staff.

Last Thursday, several intruders entered the campus and stabbed two students, according to police. Both are expected to survive.

During the first week of school, a mob of teens and adults came to the campus and attacked two students and two staff members, a teacher said.

“I’ve never experienced anything like the start of this school year,” teacher Mike Gatenby said.

Gatenby has been a teacher at James Lick for 25 years. He posted a video over the weekend voicing his frustration and worry.

“I believe our school is in crisis,” he said.

On Monday, Gatenby said he stands by those comments.

“Once again, we were helpless to defend ourselves,” he said.

A small group of parents met outside the school Monday to vent.

“If it was my granddaughter, happened to my granddaughter, all hell would have broken loose here,” Bertha Fernandez said. “My grand kids and my kids, they’re my life.”

Fernandez and Gatenby both said they want to see police back on campus. But a board member said they don’t believe officers on campus is the answer and said the district is cultivating a positive and supportive relationship with police.

Fernandez, 70, said she’s willing to volunteer to help keep the campus safe.

“I’m mad because these kids need to be taken care of,” she said. “If they want me, I’ll be here day and night.”

The superintendent said immediate and long-term changes are in the works as the district assesses the situation. He insists James Lick is not a bad school.

While parents point to needed changes, like more security and perhaps perimeter fencing, they said it’s up to them to start taking ownership of the school, getting more active on campus and holding the board members accountable.

“We don’t have a lot of positive community support here,” parent Michelle Martinez said. “And what I would like to see come out of this is more parent involvement, community support. Let’s go show up to these students’ events and bring them the support that they may be needing.”

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