Violence in Perth schools: We should know more | #schoolsaftey

Any further information about the violent incidents was redacted, and historical figures put in the too hard basket – request denied.

Education Minister Tony Buti has said schools cannot solve the issue of violence on their own, and that the full support of parents, carers and the wider school community is needed to address it.

But how do we help fix the problem without knowing what exactly is happening?

In Victoria, information is at parents’ fingertips. You can find figures on violence in schools, broken down by type of incident, simply by going to their crime statistics website.

But there is a lack of transparency within the public school system in WA.

There is no similar information available, and police also refused to comment on the issue or tell us what they were doing to help schools.


Teacher’s union president Matt Jarman said teachers had been ringing alarm bells for years about violence in schools.

The union commissioned their own report and collated their own figures on violence within it, which was then handed to the state government. The suggested the biggest help in addressing violence would be to reduce class sizes – which have not been reassessed in 40 years.

Jarman said he was still waiting for comprehensive discussions with the state government about the findings and what could be done.

“It really is time for the government to do something about safety in our public schools,” he said.

“The number of staff who are leaving attributing their early departure to violence and physical safety has been increasing for last three or four years.”

Jarman said after years of calling for change his patience was wearing thin.

I am sure he is not alone.

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