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New Delhi,UPDATED: Dec 28, 2023 13:32 IST

Instagram’s trends are hugely popular and many of us eagerly jump on the bandwagon without fully thinking about the good and bad sides of joining in.Recently, a trend called the Get to Know me on Instagram has stirred up concerns about online safety. Eliana Shiloh, a cybersecurity expert known as @elshiloh on TikTok, recently drew attention to the potential risks this trend poses to personal data security.

As per New York Post, Shiloh shared a video on December 23 and viewed by over 1.5 million people, Shiloh sounded a warning bell. She urged viewers to steer clear of the trend and promptly delete any participation in it. Her primary concern was how this seemingly harmless challenge could inadvertently disclose answers to common security questions, leaving individuals vulnerable to cyber threats like hacking attempts.

Shiloh, a cyber and strategic risk analyst at Deloitte, confessed to nearly falling into this trap herself. She realized that the information shared in the challenge corresponded closely to her security questions, raising red flags about potential security breaches.

The “Get to Know Me” challenge asks users to reveal personal details like age, height, birthdate, preferences, tattoos, piercings, and phobias – information often used in security checks.

Shiloh highlighted the dangers of providing this data publicly. While direct security question answers might not be explicitly disclosed in these trends, sharing such personal information can unintentionally create a treasure trove of identifiable data for hackers, posing significant privacy risks.

Expressing her concern, Shiloh warned against the sharing of sensitive details online. She raised the alarm about a potential scenario where even more sensitive information, like Social Security numbers, could unwittingly become public.

To combat these risks, Shiloh advocated following the Department of Justice’s advice: avoid disclosing personal information online or integrating them into passwords. Oversharing on social media, she cautioned, could lead to unauthorized access to personal accounts.

Despite Shiloh’s warnings, many social media users continued to engage in the trend. However, discussions on platforms like TikTok raised awareness about the hazards. Some users, like @salenabeans21, learned about the potential hacking threats linked to sharing personal information online, prompting a reconsideration of participating in such trends that could compromise data security.

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Ankita Chakravarti

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Dec 28, 2023


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