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Viral video shows student assaulted in classroom as parent fears for child’s safety | #specialneeds | #kids | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

A special needs student was brutally attacked by another student earlier this month at High Point Academy, a charter school that teaches K-8 on N. Dunkirk Street in Aurora. 

The student who was attacked had to be hospitalized following the incident. 

The mother of the student says she warned officials at the school about her child being bullied days before this incident happened and they did nothing about it.

Now, all family wants is justice.

Grace Espinoza, a seventh grader who was attacked by the student told CBS News Colorado the incident happened during indoor recess while she was working on a couple of missing assignments, so she can attend a school dance. Instead, she was transported to the hospital. 

The video recorded by another student, shows a young girl violently walking toward Espinoza and attacking her while she was working on her assignments at her desk. She recalls the moments that have now traumatized her.



“My back was turned and I couldn’t see any of the action…all of a sudden I just feel this girl just pulling my hair, hitting me on the face three or four times and dropping me to the ground,” Espinoza said.

Grace’s mom, Carmen Aragones says it all could’ve been avoided.

“Since last year we complained to the school about her being bullied and they did nothing, a couple days before this incident we complained again and they did nothing,” Aragones said. 

She says this isn’t the first time she has complained about her daughter being bullied due to her learning disability and at this point, she fears for her child’s safety at school. 

“I feel frustrated for the violent act that they committed and now I just want justice,” Aragones said.

After CBS News Colorado reached out to the school for comment, High Point academy released the following statement:

“The staff at High Point Academy were deeply disappointed by the incident that took place. We all take the safety of our students very seriously. At this time, the incident is under full investigation and the school is working in cooperation with the family and authorities. The student who harmed Grace will no longer attend school at High Point Academy.”

The student involved not only proceed to post this video on her social media accounts but also bragged about the incident on Snapchat posting a picture with a caption following the incident. The caption on Snapchat read “She ended up in the hospital and she pressed charges” with a smiley face emoji added to the post. 



Although the school has now taken serious action, Espinoza feels like the damage is already done.

“Now I don’t even want to go outside, I don’t want to go to the mall or anything like that cause I feel like anyone walking past me saw that video and I don’t want people to laugh at me anymore because it is not fun,” Espinoza said.

Aurora Police confirmed the incident happened on Dec. 13 at High Point Academy and the juvenile involved has been summoned to court with assault and battery charges. 

Due to this incident involving minors, the department could not release more information. 

The incident remains under investigation.


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