Virginia Cybersecurity Startup PhishMe Hooks $42.5M From DC VCs

Leesburg, Va.-based cybersecurity startup PhishMe has raised $42.5 million in a funding round led by Washington, D.C.-based Paladin Capital Group.

PhishMe offers phishing threat management solutions against malware and drive-by attacks. It trains employees to notice and stop so-called spear phishing attacks, usually emails pretending to be from legitimate sources. It’s a common way to hack into a database, and may even have been how hackers recently got into the Democratic National Committee. PhishMe is built around the idea of reducing the human error that leaves networks vulnerable to attack.

“Institutional capital has become more selective for cybersecurity companies over the last three quarters,” PhishMe co-founder Rohyt Belani said in a statement. “We are fortunate to have attracted interest from the most highly regarded investment firms in the world.”

Paladin has been a long-term investor in PhishMe, leading in both its 2012 $2.5 million and $13 million 2015 round. PhishMe is one of nearly 40 cybersecurity investments that Paladin is involved in.

PhishMe said it plans to use the funding to for research and hiring new developers as well as looking to grow its marketshare in Europe and Asia. The company has reported more than 100 percent growth year-over-year and has around 250 employees in its offices globally.


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